Do you offer water cooler solutions?

We offer water cooler solutions to suit all businesses.

  • Bottled water coolers can be located anywhere and provide a constant supply of cold and refreshing mineral water. We can arrange a regular water bottle delivery for you.
  • Mains fed water coolers transform your mains supply into filtered, fresh water. One cost covers everything from installation to filters and servicing. Mains fed water coolers use less energy and reduce 'food miles' so are an eco-friendly choice too.
  • Some like it hot! We also offer instant water boilers so you can offer boiling water on demand - this reduces waste as people only use what they need.

It's common knowledge that we all need to be hydrated to be at our best and this is no different in the workplace. The Department of Health recommends we drink 1.2 litres minimum per day.

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