What is Paperstone's cookie policy

Like most webstores, we use simple text files called ‘cookies’ to remember and store information about how you use our site. These allow us to create your shopping basket, save your preferences, apply discounts, and more.

All cookies on Paperstone’s website are safe and secure and don’t contain sensitive information. Only we, and trusted partners, use them. 

'Trusted partners' include web analytics and services which vary the website experience for certain customers (known as “split testing”). These services collect anonymous data about how people use our site. We use this data to make improvements to our site.

We also partner with third party advertising agencies who use cookies to collect anonymous information in order to show you relevant adverts when you browse other websites. This is why you might see adverts for Paperstone on other websites (such as news websites and blogs) when you browse the web.

By using our website, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

If you choose to disable cookies in your browser you won't be able to purchase from www.paperstone.co.uk as we use cookies to add products to your basket and go to the checkout. You can, however, place your order over the phone by calling our friendly sales team on 0345 567 4000.

You can clear your web browser cookies at any time by editing your browser’s “privacy settings” (these steps vary depending on the browser you use). This will clear all the cookie information stored by Paperstone and its partners. When you visit the site again, the cookies will be recreated.


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