Wage Envelopes

When making cash payments to employees or casual workers, many employers like to use specialist, heavy-duty wage envelopes for security reasons. They are traditionally sturdy manilla envelopes, which make it easy to handle or transport cash from the wages or accounts office to the recipients. Usually a payslip is included in the envelope with the bank notes or coins.

Wage envelopes are also useful for many organisations, such as schools or clubs, when money has to be collected or transported between various individuals in a secure manner.

Wage envelopes can be plain or pre-printed, and they can be used as part of a payroll system like Sage or Pegasus. These companies have their own custom-designed, branded envelopes to accompany their software.

Often, the envelopes are tamper-proof so that you can see if the seal has been broken. The pre-printed ones show the payment details, but many wage envelopes simply display the recipients’ names. You may want to think about privacy issues when selecting the most suitable type of envelope for your particular needs. Most wage envelopes are purchased in boxes of 1000.