Scotch tape

Scotch tape is a roll of thin transparent plastic with a sticky side used for securing paper and other materials and objects. It was invented in 1930 and has become a genericised trademark.

Our selection includes Easy Tear tape, which is especially designed to separate by hand, meaning you don't need to use scissors to snip a piece away from the roll.

Rolls of tape are available in both small and large sizes, from 19mm to 25mm wide. Wider tape is better at holding objects together, but thinner tape is more discreet.

Scotch Popup strips are also part of our range. These pre-cut strips of tape eliminate the hassle of removing tape from a roll. They can also fit inside a dispenser that grips onto your hand. This enables you to hold use both of your hands while separate pieces of tape. Popup strips are made of satin finish tape, which appears invisible, for particularly neat wrapping.

For a task where the tape is needed for a temporary use, Scotch Removable Magic Tape is easy to peel off surfaces, and doesn’t leave unsighlty glue resideue. This tape can be repositioned repeatdedly, and does not ghost when photocopied.