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Specialist tapes - a guide

  • Book repair tape. Use for repairing, reinforcing, protecting and covering bound edges and surfaces of books and other paper material.
  • Masking tape. Crepe paper tape with adhesive systems mainly used for painting to leave sharp edges for paintwork.
  • Duct tape. Very strong and versatile tape, heavy duty and waterproof, adheres to most surfaces.
  • Anti-tamper tape. tamper evident tape with extra strong adhesive, cannot be removed without tearing the paper- protects confidential information.
  • Natural Fibre tape. Tape film made from natural fibre resource only.
  • Write on tape. Tape which can be written on with pencil, pen or marker. Invisible when photocopied.
  • Carpet tape. High strength tape fixes carpet and matting to floors to avoid slips and trips, suitable for uneven floors and used for repairing carpets

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