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Desk mats and blotters

Desk mats and blotters are one of those things which are part of an everyday office environment but of which we rarely take any notice. Yet they can protect your desk from scratches and wear and provide you with a comfortable working surface on which to write with ease to blot your quills or even move your mouse. They also smarten up your desk, a posh blotter, for instance, lending your desk a 1950s doctor's surgery look. At Paperstone we have a terrific range of desk mats and blotters and if you are stuck trying to decide which one to get, give us a call on 0345 567 4000.

A desk mat is a large, flat pad made from a range of materials that, among other things, provides a smooth writing surface. A blotter, or blotting pad, serves a similar function but is comprised of sheets of blotting paper joined at the edges so that in addition you can drain off excess ink when using a fountain pen or ink in artistic uses.

Why buy a desk mat or blotter from Paperstone?

  • Both desk mats and blotters provide a smooth surface on which to write. Writing on a piece of paper on a hard surface of a desk can be uncomfortable and some pens such as biros can actually fail. Desk mats and blotter interpose a slightly softer surface between pen and paper and desk.
  • Desk mats and blotters protect your desk from pen scratches and from desk accidents.
  • Blotters look especially smart and professional and constantly provide you with blotting paper with which to draw excess ink from your pen.
  • Desk mats can double up as mouse mats, reducing clutter from your desk.
  • Desk mats provide an attractive background on which to survey documents. Some models come with a transparent overlay which protect documents and hold documents in place.
  • Desk mats and blotters in any case make your desk look smarter and more professional.
  • Natural and biodegradable materials are available ensuring that your spent desk mat doesn't stick around in landfill for hundreds of years.
  • We offer hassle-free returns on all our products