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Bookends are props used to keep unshelved books in an upright position. Bookends can therefore keep any number of books in a row, whether it be three or ten. They are an alternative to a rack which keeps your books in a self-contained unit. Bookends are similarly useful for keeping a few essential books neatly on your desk.

What bookends are available at Paperstone?

  • We stock metal bookends from quality suppliers, 5 Star, Avery and Helix.
  • Different sizes of bookends suit different uses. Smaller models are suitable for everyday purposes but you might require giant metal bookends for oversize books and magazines which might fall over otherwise.
  • Anti-skid protective feet such as those of Avery metal bookends are great for tricky bookend situations.

Did you know this about bookends?

  • The earliest citation of 'book ends' in the Oxford English Dictionary is 1907 a product description: “Book ends. Mahogany, inlaid Marqueterie, heavily weighted, for keeping books in position, pair 23/0”
  • According to, 'bookend' has several colloquial uses including (as a verb), to take sickies either side of holiday leave to get longer off, to be confined to a small space, or to have shots of spirits either side of a longer drink. We've not heard 'bookend' used in any of these contexts so we encourage you to start using the word in a figurative sense more often and see if 'bookend' gains more cultural currency.
  • The Danish for bookend is 'bogstøtte'...