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Hot Chocolate Sachets

Hot chocolate sachets are a quick and easy way to enjoy all of the benefits of hot chocolate- the luxurious taste, the instant ‘pick-me-up’ and the added benefit of health promoting anti-oxidants.

Chocolate stimulates an endorphin release in the brain which makes you feel happier, while the flavonoids in hot chocolate boost brainpower and memory.

For the weight-conscious, Cadbury Highlights hot chocolate sachets won’t wreck your diet (each sachet has only 40 calories).

And if you’re concerned about ethical trading, Cadbury Fairtrade hot chocolate sachets offer a fair deal to cocoa growers in less developed countries.

Hot chocolate sachets provide contents which are guaranteed to be fresh and they’re ideal to pop into your handbag or briefcase when you’re dashing between offices. That way you know your favourite drink is always available at your destination!

To learn how to make a luxurious low-calorie drink using a Cadbury Highlights hot chocolate sachet, click here.

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