Cadbury Hot Chocolate: 6 good reasons to enjoy a cup

Most of us don’t need any persuasion to luxuriate with a cup of Cadbury Hot Chocolate, but here are half a dozen compelling reasons:

  1. Chocolate is high in anti-oxidants which help to prevent heart disease, age-related mascular degeneration and premature ageing.
  2. Chocolate stimulates an endorphin release in the brain which can make you feel happier.
  3. The flavonoids in Cadbury Hot Chocolate boost brain power and improve memory.
  4. Cadbury Hot Chocolate is a quick and easy way to satisfy your chocaholic cravings.
  5. Cadbury Highlights offer a chocolate fix without spoiling your diet. Each sachet has only 40 calories, which is a lot less than a cake or chocolate bar, and less than 1% fat per serving.
  6. Cadbury Chocolate Break Fairtrade Hot Chocolate offers a fair deal to cocoa growers in less developed countries, so you can indulge your taste buds without guilt.

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