Buxton Mineral Water

Water is a vital resource for anyone who wants to work productively- it helps every cell in your body, including your brain cells, to work effectively. 

So for maximum health and vitality, steer clear of too much tea and coffee, and drink a high quality bottled water like Buxton Mineral Water. You’ll very likely spot the difference in improved mental focus and energy.

Originating in the heart of Derbyshire’s beautiful Peak District, Buxton Mineral Water is drawn from an underground water table and has undergone stringent tests for quality. It’s “microbiologically wholesome and naturally free from pollution and harmful micro-organisms”.

Buxton Mineral Water has a stable composition of beneficial minerals and has no added chemicals. You can buy still or sparkling versions, and they are equally good for hydration.

To watch England’s blue-eyed boy of cricket, Alistair Cook, endorsing Buxton Mineral Water, click here.

To keep Buxton Mineral Water at its best, keep it at room temperature or cooler, away from direct sunlight and chemicals.