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Survey Books

A survey book or survey pad is used for recording surveying and engineering field notes. The books have a durable, weatherproof cover and tear resistant pages which make them suitable for recording on-site data in all weather conditions. The pad's sheets are weatherproof and individually shrink wrapped. The most popular manufacturers of survey books and pads are Chartwell and Vestry.

Chartwell survey books are made from 50% rag bond paper which has a high cotton content for tear resistance when it is wet. Permanent ink is used for printing and the books are sewn with rot-proof thread for durability. The range includes a variety of page layouts for recording specific data for Collimation, Dimensions, Field Notes and a standard ruled page layout, suitable for general site notes:

Vestry survey and engineering pads are made to a high standard. These are pads rather than books – the individual tear-resistant and water-resistant sheets are easily removable. Like Chartwell Books, Vestry pads are also manufactured from 50% wet strength rag bond for high strength even when wet. Each page is individually shrink-wrapped. The pads are available in Right-hand Single Bill, Double Bill and Dimension layouts.

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