Buying Guide to Cash Registers/Tills

Cash registers (also referred to as tills) are electronic devices used to register and calculate the value of transactions at a point of sale in a retail outlet or business. Usually the cash register has a cash drawer in its base, a keyboard for entering the details of the sale, and a printer to generate paper receipts for record-keeping purposes. Some cash registers incorporate scanners, but many smaller ones do not, and the input is purely manual.

Many cash registers use thermal printing, a digital printing process which produces an image by selectively heating thermal paper as it passes over a print head. Whatever the method of printing, the receipt produced will list the items purchased, the total cost, and additional details such as the time of purchase or the cashier’s name or ID. When each sale is made, the cash drawer opens and the customer’s money is securely stored inside.

When choosing a cash register, here are 6 points to consider:

  1. How many different departments do you need for categorising your sales?
  2. How many compartments do you need for storing coins and notes?
  3. Do you want a compact cash register that can be placed out of sight?
  4. How technologically sophisticated is your business and what extra features will you require at your point of sale?
  5. Do you want enhanced security features?
  6. What is your budget?

Always read the full product description carefully when choosing the best cash register for your needs.

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