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Mechanical pencil

What is a mechanical pencil?

You may find yourself asking "what is a mechanical pencil?" This may be because this type of stationery is also called a “propelling pencil”. 

Mechanical pencils contain an often thin piece of lead in the centre of the barrel, which can be replaced when it runs out. A new lead is easily placed inside the barrel, usually by removing the eraser which also acts as a stopper. Unlike regular pencils, mechanical pencils are generally made of a combination of plastic and metal rather than wood. This makes them more sturdy and long-lasting.

Mechanical pencils are favoured by designers, architects and others who need to draw a neat, constant line. This is achieved because mechanical pencils do not need sharpening. Instead, the lead wears down inside the barrel in a more even fashion. Mechanical pencils are also more efficient as you do not need to repeatedly sharpen the lead.

On our website, we offer a wide variety of mechanical pencils, including iconic Rotring pencils. Our range includes the premium Rotring 800, which has a retractable lead: transforming the pencil into a precise stylus for use on touchscreens. 

Other world-renowed mechanical pencil brands on the Paperstone website include 5 Star, Bic, Paper Mate, Pentel and Zebra.

When you are buying a mechanical pencil, make sure you choose one which accepts leads in the thickness, or lead diameter, you desire. At Paperstone, we have pencils with lead diameters from 0.55mm all the way up to 1.3mm.

If you like your stationery in a particular colour, perhaps to match a pencil case or binder, you will be pleased to know that mechanical pencils at Paperstone come in a wide range of barrel shades. Sleek black, to playful orange and pink, as well as transluscent and clear can be found on our website. 

Mechanical pencils can be purchased singularly, as well as in multi-packs. 

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