Fellowes shredders: ID defence for your home and office

Crimes involving stolen data and identity theft have soared to unprecedented levels in the UK during the past few years. A shredder is now an essential piece of kit for every home and office, and here at Paperstone we LOVE Fellowes shredders. Fellowes have the perfect model for every type of office and workplace, whether you deal with high security client files, sensitive financial information or just personal paperwork.

Some tips for choosing the right Fellowes shredder

  • Consider the environment where you’ll be using your shredder. How many people will be using the machine, and how many sheets of paper will they need to shred? If the volume of paper to be shredded is high, then you’ll want a Fellowes shredder with a longer run time (the run time is the length of time a shredder can keep going continuously before it needs to cool down) Sheet capacity (the number of sheets of paper you can insert together for shredding) is also important, because a shredder with a higher sheet capacity speeds the job up significantly. If you read the product description of each model, you’ll find this vital information.
  • The product descriptions also give DIN levels for Fellowes Shredders. DIN levels measure the level of security which each machine offers to the user. The higher the DIN level, the smaller the cut size, and the better the protection against ID fraud. A strip-cut shredder offers basic protection and cuts each A4 sheet into approximately 36 strips. A cross-cut shredder offers better protection, as confetti-cut pieces are much harder for fraudsters to re-assemble. Even better is a micro-cut shredder, which shreds one piece of paper into 2,000 pieces. Some Fellowes shredders offer DIN levels 5 and 6 security, the highest possible levels.
  • After choosing these core specifications to meet your usage and security requirements, you can consider specific safety features and anti-paper jam technology (available with some Fellowes shredders). Certain models are designed to run in virtual silence which gives you some well-deserved peace and quiet.

To find out how to oil a Fellowes shredder, click here.

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