Confetti shredders: first-line defence against information theft

Sadly, crimes involving data theft have escalated - so the first line of defence is to shred any paper documents with a confetti shredder. Confetti shredders will stop any fraudster in his or her tracks. Confetti shredders cut both lengthways and widthways, reducing a sheet of paper into hundreds, or even many thousands, of pieces. The term “confetti shredder” includes cross-cut and micro-cut shredders.

Tips for choosing a confetti shredder

  • Consider the number of people using the machine and how many sheets of paper they will they need to shred. If the volume of paper to be shredded is high, then you’ll want a longer run time (the run time is the period of time a shredder can operate continuously before it needs to cool down)
  • A confetti shredder with a high sheet capacity will speed up the process. Don’t plan to run a machine at maximum capacity all of the time- it could wear out the internal components.
  • Check out the DIN levels of each shredder. DIN scores reflect the level of security which each machine offers to the user. The higher the DIN level, the smaller the cut size, and the better the protection against ID fraud. Some shredders offer DIN levels 5 and 6, the highest possible standards.
  • After identifying core specifications, you might wish to consider safety features and anti-paper jam technology which comes with some models.
  • If noise is an issue, some machines operate in virtual silence
  • Some confetti shredders have energy-saving features
  • Read the product descriptions carefully to identify specific features on each model and see how long the guarantee runs for.

For additional information on how shredders work, visit Wikipedia.

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