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A2 Picture frames

You will need an A2 picture frame for artwork or documents measuring 420mm x 594mm. (This is the International Paper Size Standard specification ISO 216).

Choosing your A2 Picture Frame - some quick tips

Consider these factors when choosing your frame:

  • Ease of assembly: Front loading picture frames make it easy to change the poster, print, artwork or document you wish to display
  • Match your frame to the décor of your room, whether that is formal, classical, contemporary or opulent. For example, a polished-gold effect frame might look good in a plush lounge, while a black, no-fuss frame might suit a minimalist office environment
  • Work within your budget. Here at Paperstone we have a selection of A2 picture frames at different prices so you don’t have to break the bank
  • For a valuable piece of artwork, you might wish to use a locking frame
  • If you want a coloured A2 picture frame, it’s helpful sometimes to match accents of colour within the picture or photograph you’re framing, as well as your walls and soft furnishings.