Side Filing Cabinets - A Buyer's Guide

Side filing cabinets (otherwise known as “side filers” ) are an alternative to standard filing cabinets. They are wider than they are deep and ideal when floor space is limited. They are called “side filing cabinets” because their dimensions are suited to storing foolscap suspension files sideways. But side filers can also accommodate two rows of A4 files front to back. Because drawers extend no more than 440mm outwards, such cabinets are suited to narrow rooms and corridors.

Bisley Side Filers at Paperstone

The Bisley range of side filing cabinets incorporates all the design features of standard filing cabinets but have a 30% filing capacity and a compact shape. They come in smart goose grey and are lockable. All Bisley side filers are fitted with an anti-tilt safety device. Their width and depth dimensions are W800 x D470. The following table shows the heights of different drawer options. Leveling feet increase the height by some 24mm.

Side filing cabinet heights:

No. of drawers Height (mm) Height with leveling feet (mm)
2-drawer 693 717
3-drawer 997 1021
4-drawer 1301 1325