A3 Laminating machines

Here at Paperstone, we have a wide range of A3 laminators.

Depending on your need, you may prefer an entry level, easy-to-use laminator with simple functions, which is suitable for home craft use and small offices. Alternatively, if you need to equip a busy office, a high-end machine that offers speed, adjustable pouch thickness and heat options might be a better option.

As the range of machines can be overwhelming, it is important to consider the following: whether you will be using a range of pouches thicknesses, how intensively you will use your machine, and whether you will be sealing heat-sensitive materials, such as photos, where an adjustable heat setting may be needed.

If you are still stuck, our customer service team will be happy to help with your decision.

The Fellowes Cosmic, which comes with HeatGuard safety technology, and Fellowes Saturn A3 laminator, which has advanced temperature controls, are among our most popular models.

Our A3 laminators are stylish, compact and will easily blend in to both the home and the office. Some machines have optional carriers available as an extra, which are useful if you need to be laminate at a conference, business meeting or craft show.

Owing to their large size, A3 laminators are great for graphics projects, such encasing and protecting small posters in laminate pouches. 

But A3 laminators can be also used to preserve documents from 1D size up, and are equally useful for smaller projects, like creating ID cards and name badges, or keeping photos looking pristine.

The machines will state which ‘micron’ they are compatible with. This simply refers to the total thickness of the pouch. 150 microns is the thinnest available pouch, and 500 is the thickest. 

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