Anti-Tamper Labels

Anti-tamper labels are used both in the home and office to protect a wide range of property from thieves and security breaches. 

The labels work in one of two ways. 

Important information such as your name and contact details can be added to NoPeel labels. If NoPeel labels are removed, they flake and disintegrate - making it immediately obvious if the object has been tampered with. A clean, professional-looking label can easily be created using the free Avery Wizard software for Microsoft Word. 

The second type of label is ideal for sealing machines, electronic equipment, and both large and small entrances. When removed, the anti-tamper labels leaves a message reading ‘STOP’ . This sticker can't be re-applied, meaning that unauthorised access won’t be hidden from its owner. 

Anti-tamper labels are as quick and easy to use as normal labels, and are a simple way to add extra security. 

All products are tear-proof, waterproof, as well as oil-, dirt-, UV- and temperature-resistant.

See what wikipedia has to say about tamper evident.

Click here for free Avery label printing software and templates.