Two great reasons to choose Velvet Toilet Roll

There are two excellent reasons why you might choose Velvet toilet roll for your home or place of work- firstly, it has a fantastic programme in place to increase the number of trees on the planet, and secondly, it’s a top-of-the-range product which delivers luxurious softness and strength. Each Velvet Toilet Roll provides three layers of super-soft, velvety tissue.

The Velvet Toilet Roll Three Trees Promise

SCA, a global forest and hygiene company, owns the Velvet Toilet Roll enterprise, and is committed to an ambitious tree-planting programme. While it’s the industry standard to replace every hardwood tree with another one, SCA plant three hardwood trees for every tree used to produce its Velvet toilet rolls. It also plants three trees for every softwood tree that is consumed as part of its production process.

So, when you buy Velvet Toilet Rolls, you know you are helping to increase the number of trees on the planet. The scheme has already seen an extra 7 million trees being planted globally since it started.

To find out more about the Velvet Toilet Roll Three Trees Promise, watch this YouTube video.

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