What is the Recently Viewed Products feature?

What are “Recently Viewed Products”?

Your “Recently Viewed Products” is a list of products that you have visited on the Paperstone website but have not added to your basket. Having your “Recently Viewed Products” displayed allows you to return easily to items that you still might want to buy, rather than having to find them again. We strongly believe that this enhances your Paperstone shopping experience, but we realise that this feature is not for everyone and so you can quickly and easily turn it off if you don’t like it.

How are you logging which products I have recently viewed?

We use a small text file on your computer called a “cookie” to store the last 10 products that you have visited on the Paperstone website. The “cookie” is managed by your browser and can be deleted at any time by using your browser settings, although you must be aware that deleting your cookie will also empty your basket. We have therefore provided a special option for you to turn Recently Viewed Products on or off so that we stop tracking this information and allowing you to still use cookies on the Paperstone site.

How can I turn off Recently Viewed Products?

You can turn “Recently Viewed Products” on or off simply by clicking the ON/OFF button at the top of the module. If clicking the ON/OFF button doesn’t work, it is possible that Javascript is disabled in your browser and it must be enabled to do this.

You can disable cookies in your browser, but this means you will not be able to add products to your basket or use the checkout so the Paperstone site will not function correctly.
Turning the feature OFF removes your “Recently Viewed Products” from the cookie and stops any future logging. Turning the feature ON means that from the next product you view, products will start to be stored in the cookie again and appear in the “Recently Viewed Products” module.

Why has “Recently Viewed Products” turned itself back on again?

If you clear your browser cookies then you will have lost your preference to have the feature turned OFF. The only way to avoid this is to not delete the Paperstone cookie between visits.

I turned “Recently Viewed Products” OFF accidentally – can I get my recently viewed products back again?

Unfortunately not. Turning the feature OFF causes your Recently Viewed Products to be deleted permanently. If you turn it on again though it will start working again the next time you visit a product page.

I recently viewed a product that isn’t appearing in the module – why is this?

It’s most likely because you have added the product to your basket. We don’t show you products in your basket because you can get to those easily already through the basket page.

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