I can't find the item I am looking for

We stock almost 20,000 products and some areas are very difficult to organise in a logical way. However hard we try, some categories remain a bit tricky to find your way around.

That's why there's a search box to help you locate stuff that you can't find otherwise. You'll find this in the top of every page.

Simply click in the box, type in the word or phrase you are looking for and click the 'Search' button.

You can search by product names (e.g. 'hole punch'), brand names (e.g. 'Parker') or product numbers that can be found in our catalogue (e.g. '267672').

You might also find the following tips useful:


  1. If you get a lot of results for a search, try typing in an additional word to narrow the search down. The more words you search for, the fewer the results.

  2. Search for fewer words if you're drawing a bit of a blank with a combination of words.

  3. Try a word in the singular (e.g. 'Filofax') if the plural ('Filofaxes') is not producing any results.

  4. Separate out words which are not working joined up (e.g. try 'waste bin' instead of 'wastebin').


If you still can't find what you're after, it may be that we don't stock the product or that it has been discontinued. But don't despair. When it comes to office supplies, we're in our element. Give one of the team a call 0345 567 4000 and they'll be able, firstly, to double check whether or not we have the product and, secondly, to offer expert advice on alternatives. And if we're aware of another outlet that does have what you're looking for, we'll be happy to point you in their direction.

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