A Guide to No Smoking Signs

Now that UK law completely prohibits smoking in the workplace it is important to have clear 'no smoking' signs. In fact "No smoking" signage is often required by law. In general, employers and others in charge of smoke-free premises and vehicles should:

  • Display 'no smoking' signs in smoke-free premises and vehicles
  • Take reasonable steps to ensure that staff, customers/members and visitors are aware that premises and vehicles are legally required to be smoke-free
  • Remove any existing indoor smoking rooms
  • Ensure that no one smokes in smoke-free premises or vehicles

Don't forget

In England the Department of health deals with smoking in public places and work premises, in Wales the Welsh Assembly Government and in Scotland the Scottish Executive. For more information consult www.smokingbanwales.co.uk or www.clearingtheairscotland.com for more information. The Health and Safety Executive also has advice on smoking at work.

Our range of No Smoking signs

No Smoking signOur range of 'no smoking' signs includes:

  • 'No smoking' logos and pictograms.
  • Self-adhesive 'no smoking' signs.
  • 'No smoking' desk signs.
  • "No smoking. It is against the law to smoke on these premises"
  • "No smoking. It is against the law to smoke in this vehicle"
  • "No smoking. It is against the law to smoke on these premises except in a designated room"
  • "No smoking or naked flames"
  • "Thank you for not smoking"
  • Welsh language 'no smoking' signs. 'No smoking' signs in Welsh: "Mae ysmygu yn y fangre hon yn erbyn y gyfraith," etc.

'No smoking' signs are made by Stewart Superior.

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