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The benefits of a Scotch tape dispenser

Fed up of fighting with a roll of sticky tape and ending up with it stuck between your teeth? Are you always the loser in this ongoing battle?

Then you need a Scotch tape dispenser- the practical, stylish and fun way to manage  adhesive tape!

You can choose from handheld and desktop versions- some with a novelty design to brighten up your day- and you can even dispense pre-cut pieces of tape.

Girls can opt for a tape dispenser in the shape of wedge heel shoe, or maybe a cat dispenser is just purrrfect for you? 

Perhaps you’re more sophisticated and will opt for an elegantly curved arty design instead. 

Whatever your design preference, both a handheld Scotch tape dispenser and a desktop dispenser keep your hands free. They are fast and efficient to use and help you tackle your taping tasks in a controlled fashion.

To read the story of how Scotch tape got its name, visit

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