Why choose Rapesco Supaclips?

Rapesco Supaclips are a great solution when you want to bind documents together without the fuss of punching holes. They are more robust than paperclips and come with a simple dispensing tool so you can easily slide them on to your paperwork.

Just align the mouth of the dispenser (it’s like a mini-alligator mouth) to the position where you want to place the clip and you’ll find it slides on effortlessly. The clips are easy to remove and can be re-used again and again. They have a 10 year guarantee which indicates their strength and quality.

The Rapesco Supaclip comes in two versions; the Supaclip 40 has a capacity of 10-60 sheets (80gsm paper) while the Supaclip 60 will accommodate 2-40 sheets.

Both the Supaclip 40 and Supaclip 60 are available in a range of colours, making them ideal for colour-coded filing and indexing systems.

Rapesco Supaclips are useful for the home as well as the office- they’re ideal for securing freezer bags, clipping your birthday cards together if you want to keep them, and many other domestic functions. They even have a place in the garden shed for keeping packets of seeds neatly organised! 

To watch a six-minute demo of the Rapesco Supaclip Dispenser, click here.