Computer Locks

The chances of retrieving a stolen laptop are next to nothing. So if, like millions of others, your work life revolves around your laptop, it’s only sensible to be extra protective of it. Your data is valuable, and so is the machine containing it. Ideal for travel, computer locks are secure and unobtrusive and are compatible with most notebooks.

Laptop locks connect to a standard lock socket found on 99% of notebooks. The combination or key lock is attached to a strong cable at the end of which is a loop. You secure your computer to an immoveable post, like a fixed table or chair leg in much the same way as you’d use a bicycle lock.

We also sell locks to secure desktop PCs and peripherals to a desk.

Did you know?

  • 58% of the cost of laptop theft incurred of organisations is related to non-hardware issues like intellectual property.
  • 49% of SMEs take 2-4 days to replace a lost or stolen laptop.
  • The chances of retrieing a stolen laptop are 3%.
  • The estimated average cost to a company of laptop theft is £7,878.

Source: European IDC Research 2006

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