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A Guide to Arnos Binders

Arnos Hang-A-Plan binders come with index tabs and inserts for easy filing and indexing. With plan storage binders, plans, drawings and maps of different dimensions can be stored together in the same file.

QuickFile front load binderQuickFile binders are fully compatible with all Arnos plan storage systems. The QuickFile has a patented Cam lever ation that allows documents to be secured quicker.

Arnos QuickFile and front load binders are available in silver and black.

The benefits of QuickFile binders

  • Full compatability with Arnos plan storage systems
  • Indexing tabs and inserts
  • Convenient, comfortable and strong carry handle
  • Cam lever action for quick filing
  • Super continuous grip and extra strong glass-filled nylon components
  • 10 year guarantee

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arnos hang-a-plan trolleyArnos Hang-A-Plan Trolleys are available for front load, drop mount and CAD mobile file binders.

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