Multifunction printers - a guide

If you're looking to cut costs in the office supplies hardware department, a multifunction printer (MFP) – or multifunction machine or multifunction device (MFD) – may be your answer. Xerox, among others, have been trying to persuade businesses to use multifunction printers alongside stand-alone printers in order to cut energy consumption (and therefore carbon emissions). By buying a multifunction printer you will also save on initial outlay, buying one printer rather than several.

All-in-one printers can cost as little as £60. Our wide range includes models from Brother, Canon, HP (Hewlett Packard), Kyocera, Olivetti, Sagem and Samsung.

What is a multifunction printer?

A multifunction printer is a printer that combines copying, printing and scanning functions in one device – you can use the same machine to do your photocopying and to print and scan documents. Sometimes a fax machine is incorporated into the multifunction printer as well.

The exact make-up of multifunction printers depends on the model but there are a few general characteristics:

  • As with most other external computer peripherals, a multifunction printer is a type of computer itself. It contains memory, processors and often some kind of storage like a hard drive.
  • Multifunction printers also have the equivalent of an operating system in which to run a set of instructions.
  • Most office multifunction printers derive some lineage with mid-range photocopiers and so also share their printing technology

Why buy a multifunction printer?

  • A multifunction printer saves on initial outlay – you are buying one machine instead of several.
  • A multifunction printer saves on energy – less machines are sapping energy from the mains.
  • And because they are energy efficient, you will reduce carbon dioxide emissions with a multifunction printer.
  • Finally, you will save on space. Our multifunction printers come in several sizes but whatever multifunction printer you end up buying, you will have one machine in the place of three or even four units – printer, scanner, photocopier, fax – meaning your office is less cluttered.

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