Olympus dictation machines

If you want to produce accurate records of meetings or lectures, or you wish to dictate high volume of letters or documents at speed, then consider an Olympus dictation machine. This is the kit to make life easier for authors and transcribers.

Considerations when choosing a machine

  • A cost-effective solution for personal note-taking would be something like the sleek and slim VP-10, which allows you to capture conversations naturally, even while the recorder is in your pocket. It has high quality, omni-directional microphones, and an anti-rustle filter to supress unwanted background noise. It has a built in USB to connect to a PC without a cable and can be quickly activated with just one touch. To watch a video about the V10, click here
  • There are several more sophisticated Olympus dictation machines available for recording dictations and transcribing them into documents. The Olympus Dictation System comprises dictation devices, dictation management software and transcription solutions including footswitches and transcription headsets. These machines have professional editing functions and include transcription management software for easy workflow and file management.
  • The top-of-the-range models are integrated with robust cross-platform solutions so that dictation files can be easily shared between teams of authors and transcriptionists, encrypted for security, and emailed to the appropriate people.

To find out more about the Olympus Dictation Management System, watch this YouTube video

You can also find out more about the state-of-the-art Olympus dictation machine DS-7000 here.