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Safety Tapes

Safety tapes include adhesive and non-adhesive tapes to demarcate hazard areas, to act as a temporary barrier, to mark floors and identify corridors and walkways, and to prevent slipping on treacherous floor surfaces.

Safety tape brands include Adpac Tapes and Packaging, Smartbox, 3M, and COBA.

Uses of safety tape

Safety tapes include the following:

  • Anti-slip tape – hard-wearing, abrasive grit tape to provide steady footing on slip-prone surfaces. Suitable for ladder and stair treads, ramps, walkways, entrances, loading docks, machinery, plant equipment, vehicles and boats.
  • Barrier tape – to cordon off hazard areas such as spills and broken glass in car parks, warehouses, and so on.
  • Floor / lane marking tape – for interior use, ideal for internal floor marking and identification in corridors, walkways, warehouses, storerooms, etc.
  • Hazard tape – for marking safety and hazardous areas on curved or flat surfaces, colour coded in yellow and black or red and white.
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