How is Paperstone preparing for Brexit?

How is Paperstone preparing for Brexit?

Like all businesses we have been following news on Brexit closely and thinking about how we can best prepare.

Our main concern is you, our customer. We want to make sure the service you expect from Paperstone continues at the same high standard no matter what.

We have been working closely with our suppliers to prepare for Brexit and will continue to do so.

Currently 87.6% of our product is sourced outside the EU and so won't be affected. Two thirds of the EU sourced product is A4 copier paper. For this key category we have already secured three additional UK suppliers that source their wood from sustainable UK forests. This leaves just a small percentage of our current product range still sourced from EU countries. We are working with the manufacturers of these products to ensure they have suitable stock within the UK prior to March 2019.

We will keep you informed of any changes as soon as we know of any but for now it is very much business as usual.

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