Where can I find Paperstone discount codes?

Paperstone believe in honest and transparent pricing. We offer the very best prices at all times to all customers as part of our customer promise to you.

If you do ever find a product cheaper elsewhere we will match or refund as part of our lowest price guarantee. We don't offer gimmicky discount codes or reward points via third party discount websites so please don't waste your time searching: 'discount code Paperstone'. They often say they have exclusive deals. They don't.

For our customers we communicate our own special offers directly and never share them with anyone else. To make sure you're always first to know about our special offers and deals:

  1. Sign up to receive our emails
  2. Call and talk to our excellent sales team
  3. Follow us on Facebook.

We also offer fixed contract pricing so you can secure the price you're paying. If that's something you're interested in please call our excellent, friendly sales team on 0345 567 4000.


Voucher code FAQs

I found a free delivery voucher from a third party website, will you accept it? Afraid not. This voucher makes no difference, everyone gets free delivery on orders over £50 regardless, so the voucher saves you nothing! Discount offer websites pretend they have exclusive deals but really, they want your email address to spam you!

I've been offered an exclusive discount off RRP, is it valid? Again, it's a no. It's not an exclusive offer - we discount RRP for everyone regardless. Everyone gets these savings on our website and the fake discount websites can't offer you anything different; they just want your email address to spam you again!

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