Post-it Note Indexes at Paperstone

Post-it Indexes are basically sticky bookmarks with which to index and organise files and folders or reports and notebooks. In fact, this is the use that 3M’s Art Fry had in mind when in 1974 he used a repositionable pressure-sensitive adhesive to stick pieces of paper in a hymn book to keep the page, thus birthing the Post-it Note proper.

Nowadays, Post-it Indexes are available in a wide range of colour, sizes and shapes. Different Post-it Index Dispensers are also available.

Post-it Index colours

Post-it Indexes are available in red, blue, green, orange, yellow, purple, bright pink and bright blue.

Uses of Post-it Indexes

Use Post-it Indexes to:

  • Colour code information
  • Organise material into sections
  • Draw attention to critical information
  • Request signatures