BOSS Awards 2008 - Paperstone wins prestigious award

BOSS award

Paperstone's Very Own Young Professional of the Year!

We're not sure why we kept this quiet for so long. Perhaps it's our modesty. But it's about time we shouted from the rooftops about our first BOSS Award. For it is almost exactly six months since Max won the British Office Supplies & Services (BOSS) Federation's Young Professional of the Year.

The BOSS Industry Awards recognise and reward those in the office products industry who can demonstrate real excellence, through the successful performance of their business - and only 10 awards are recieved each year in the entire industry!

Around 600 guests at a prestigious gala dinner at London's Lancaster Hotel last October saw Max pick up his Young Professional award. Max said “I think that it is always a challenge competing with large companies. However, we can make ground on them by being agile and using our ability to adapt to market changes very quickly. We're always looking at ways to improve our customers experience with Paperstone.”

Max himself attributes his win to a keen interest in ecommerce, a passion that the judges of the awards picked up on: “We are genuinely trying to be innovative and create change in the office supplies market. We are not looking to simply replicate the old dealer model, but looking to use the internet as a tool both to improve customer experience and cut costs.” Paperstone have proved they can be both internet- and customer-focused, with a continuing commitment to being easy to contact by telephone and email.

Max is 29 years young having co-founded Paperstone with Jim Brown four years ago. Despite the numerous difficulties the office supplies industry faces – Paperstone continues to fight competition from bigger companies and grow.

Max's award confirms his – and Paperstone's – hard work over the years to make the company exciting, successful and ever-improving.

Here's to Max!

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