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Step Ladders and Stools at Paperstone

We’ve greatly expanded our range of step ladders and step stools. As well as mobile step stools and step ladders with between two and eight steps, we now have three-section ladders, mobile steps and scaffold platform ladders.

What is a step ladder?

A step ladder is a portable ladder with a supporting frame hinged in the middle and at the top so that folded out the ladder resembles an inverted “V”. With the two halves at a fixed angle, the step ladder retains a stable equilibrium.

Choosing the right step ladder

  • Consider the tasks for which your step ladder will be used, taking into account surfaces and ladder reach. A standard or three-section ladder may be more appropriate than a step ladder for certain tasks.
  • Bear in mind the maximum height needed for ladder use (e.g. changing a lightbulb on a high ceiling) and choose a ladder with sufficient height.
  • What’s the worst surface the step ladder will stand on? Choose a ladder which will work on these surfaces.
  • Choose a step ladder with adequate strength certifications. Trade Duty (EN131) step ladders are designed for a Maximum Static Vertical Load of 150kg.

The ladder range at Paperstone

Our range of ladders should meet most warehouse and office maintenance needs. Our ladders are made from steel or aluminium with rubber feet for stability and all step ladders, combi ladders and scaffold platforms meet trade duty strength standards, such as EN131 and HD1004 certifications.

Our range includes:

  • Step ladders from Hailo and RelX, with two, three, four, five, six and eight treads. Step ladders include double-sided folding steps and folding A-frame ladders.
  • Three-section combi ladders can serve as a simple lean-to ladder, a two-part extension ladder, a three part ladder or a free-standing double-sided ladder.
  • Mobile steps are non-folding and are mounted on retractable spring castors to enable the steps to be moved easily into position. But when under the operator’s weight, the steps lower to grip to the floor. Heavy duty safety steps are available with five to eight treads. They have fixed wheels with non-slip rubber feet at the front.
  • Scaffold platform ladders consist of two vertical ladders with an adjustable horizontal working platform. Scaffold platform ladders can be used free-standing, against walls, and on stairs and landings.
  • Mobil step stools, metal or plastic, on spring-loaded castors.

Step ladder safety

Tips on using step ladders from the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) include the following:

  • Always check step ladder (including feet) before use.
  • Ensure sufficient space for opening and use.
  • Use locking devices.
  • Stand on firm, level, clean, not slippery ground.
  • Restrict tasks to short duration (max. 30 minutes).
  • Restrict to light work (up to 10kg).
  • Do not work off the upper treads of the step ladder without a safe handhold.
  • Avoid side-on working.
  • Do not overreach – keep stomach within stiles and keep both feet on the same tread throughout task.

More detailed information on use of step ladders can be found in the HSE publications, “Safe use of ladders and stepladders – A brief guide and “Using Ladders Safely.”

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