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Buying Banknote Checkers and Counting Machines

If your business handles a lot of cash, you may want to consider purchasing a banknote checker, or counterfeit detector, to check your sterling, euros and dollars if you have not done so already. According to the Bank of England, the number of counterfeit Bank of England banknotes taken out of circulation in 2007 was around 290,000. Although the vast majority of forged banknotes are taken out of circulation by banks themselves during the sorting process, counterfeit banknotes remain a hazard because essentially a counterfeit banknote is worthless. Fraudulent banknotes are a nuisance to say the least and they undermine confidence in the currency. Banknote checkers protect you and your business against the threats they pose.

The Bank of England offers guidance and education resources on banknotes.

Types of banknote checkers

  • banknote checkerProfessional note checkers. High power professional banknote checker. Blue UV light top checker will detect fraudulent ink, daylight fluorescent underneath will detect watermark.
  • Desktop note checker.
  • Portable note checker. Hand-held, battery operated.
  • Counterfeit detector pen. Works on most currencies. Grey or brown mark will indicate forgery. Clear or light amber marks indicate the note is genuine.

Electronic banknote counter and checker

Or you could invest in a combined banknote counter and checker which quickly counts and detects forgeries in two separate and easy operations. These machines can count up to 600 notes per minute. With UV, magnetic and watermark detection, they are suitable for most currencies. Electronic banknote counters and checkers are an essential if your business handles a high volume of cash.