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Matt laminating pouches

Special machines are used to seal matt laminating pouches, to protect papers that will be regularly handled. Popular uses include for laminated pouches include preserving signs, instructions, reference materials, photographs, and menus.

As they are not shiny and therefore do not reflect light, matt laminating pouches are perfect for protecting documents that need to be seen clearly in direct sunlight. 

The matt finish also means that writing can be added to a pouch, and rubbed off again for reuse. 

The products will state that they are a certain number of ‘microns’. This simply refers to the total thickness of the pouch. 150 microns is the thinnest available pouch, and 500 is the thickest. 

The higher the micron specification of a laminated pouch, the stiffer and more protective it will be.

The most popular weights of pouches are 200 and 250 microns, as these offer a good combination of protection and clean finish.

Be careful not to purchase pouches which are too thick for your machine, as only high-end machines are capable of laminating pouches thicker than 350 microns.

Here at Paperstone, we offer both value A4 laminating pouches suitable for a wide range of projects, and high quality pouches which are water resistant and have a silky finish.

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