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A Guide to Printing Labels (including Avery)

This section offers the most up-to-date and comprehensive range of printing labels, as well as containing Avery label size and code guides. “Avery” is almost synonymous with “labels” but Paperstone also stock Post-it, Adpac, Durable and 5 Star brands. Our range is huge and in addition to standard inkjet, laser and copier products we sell franking, CD/DVD and speciality labels such as weatherproof, repositionable and self-laminating. You'll also find plastic and strung tags in this section.

Every label has a corresponding Avery template code to make the printing process easier. Look out for tables which match numbers per page to the appropriate code.

Avery labels at Paperstone

You can see our full range of Avery Address Labels by clicking here.

Avery provides a complete solution for home printing all types of labels. Paperstone sells Avery laser, Avery inkjet and other label variations including clear, repositionable, heavy duty and recycled options. We also offer some of the more specialised alternatives in the range such as afterburner CD labels.

Things to note...

Avery labels quality assurance
  • Avery laser and inkjet labels are fully guaranteed to work on all appropriate printers
  • Avery’s own website offers online support for all your label-printing needs and allows you to download different templates for different Avery products.
  • Avery inkjet labels are now quick-dry making them smudge free

Avery provide a product for almost every imaginable labelling need. They can be used for addressing, identification, filing and media with both inkjet and laser printers. There are templates available in Microsoft Word and other popular software packages. Avery labels are jam-free for trouble-free printing and offer great results on colour printers, whilst leaving no residue with a 100% money back guarantee. Avery quick-peel labels allow for quicker and easier detachment and can save up to 25% of your peeling time. They are also compatible with the Royal Mail SmartStamp. Avery clear labels can easily blend into the background of whatever envelope to which they are stuck.

Label sizes overview

label sizes overview


Avery label size guide. What is the right Avery code?

Printing labels from your PC can seem daunting, but for each number per sheet there is a corresponding code to use in Word so that addresses, etc. fit nicely. In Word 2010, under the Mailings tab, click Labels button, then Options. Choose "Avery A4/A5" from the Label vendors drop-down menu. You'll then be able to select an appropriate code (e.g. J8159) from the Product number list. The codes correspond to the number of labels per page as follows:

The appropriate code should also be indicated on your Avery product. Or you can consult the Avery website for more printing tips.

But if you require any further help, we'll be happy to help out. Call us on 0845 567 4000.