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The one with the filing

By Paperstone on March 2, 2020 in Uncategorized

It’s that time again. The end of the tax year. This annual event means one thing to many people…filing.

Whether it’s your passion or your arch-nemesis, most of us that work in an office have to do it, in one way or another. This got us talking, at Paperstone HQ, about filing and our favourite stationery that gets the job done. (Yes, we are geeky about stationery – it’s what makes us great at what we do!)

This made us think about different personalities and how they approach filing. Then we started a discussion – as you do on a rainy, blustery February afternoon – about what it would be like to work in an office with the characters from Friends. What would their desks look like? How they would file?

Rachel – the stylish one

Everything about Rachel is cool. Even her filing. She uses bold colours, like yellow wallets and stylish labels. Even though she has access to the same stationery cupboard as you, her stuff just looks better.

Joey – the messy one

Joey has the kind of desk you approach with caution. There are wrappers, plates and piles of things everywhere. Used mugs that once contained a cuppa soup, are now growing a new type of mould that could bring an end to the antibiotic-resistance crisis. Forget lever arch files, bring Joey some heavy-duty bin bags for his filing!

Monica – the neat one

Monica’s desk is immaculate. Spotless. Nothing is out of place, if indeed there is anything on there. Filing is sorted, organised, alphabetised and colour coded even before the paper has a chance to hit the desk. Monica keeps a large supply of dividers, index markers and tabs on hand, in her bag, and pretty much everywhere she goes, just in case.

Chandler – the functional one

Chandler just about holds it all together. So we reckon his desk would look fairly ordered, fairly clean and fairly useable. Scattered around are all the ‘man’ presents that people have brought him for Christmas, like a Newton’s cradle, a Dilbert desk calendar and a magnetic decision-maker. He doesn’t like filing but does it when he has to. He’s a fan of the expanding file because it’s easy to use and self-contained.

Phoebe – the hoarder one

Every piece of paper Phoebe has ever written on is here. There are storage boxes and containers piled from ceiling to floor. Some paper is filed away, some is pinned to the wall, and some is in letter trays. If you look carefully, you’ll find the script from the first episode of Friends in 1994…

Ross – the stressy one

Although Ross’s desk is fairly tidy, he has a habit of misplacing stuff. And when he does, everybody knows about it. He huffs and puffs around, pulling a little pouty face until someone comes along to help him. He manages to get away with not doing very much filing himself. He makes such a fuss about it that someone always does it for him, just to shut him up.

Whatever your personality, however you approach your filing, whatever you like to use – we’ve got your back.

We’d love to hear which Friends character you are when it comes to filing. Let us know on Facebook, LinkedIn or send an email to


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