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Business planning: Find the right tools

By Paperstone on September 1, 2018 in Office & Personal Planning

Business planning

Planning in business is essential

Everything from the monthly sales drive to a new product launch or project needs planning. It promotes joined-up thinking and good decision-making throughout the whole organisation.

“A goal without a plan is just a wish”, observed the famous writer Antoine de Saint-Exupery, summing up a key business principle. 

Each business needs to implement long and short-term planning to take advantage of all opportunities and deliver on its promises to customers. While long-term vision is an important aspect of business success, now is the time to get the year calendar 2019 or weekly calendar 2019, to make those plans a reality.

Find the right product for your business need

Regular planning sessions transform long-term goals into actions and reality on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on the nature of the business. Many organisations, such as those involved in academia needs specific planning tools, like an academic diary 2018 to 19.

Wall planners, holiday planners and 2019 calendars serve different purposes in various work settings. Whether you are building a school, organising a charity run or selling products online, planners and calendars can help you chart your progress.

Make plans visible

Even though most people use email calendars and mobile apps to organise their activities, a wall planner, such as a Sasco yearly planner 2019, is a great planning tool. A clear and prominent visual aid, it serves as a quick reference point for dates and targets without the need to open an app or flick through pages.

Many wall planners are designed to record a year’s data, but some cover a month for short term projects, or two years for long-range planning. It’s good to consider the most appropriate timescale for your organisational needs.

Top of the range products usually come with high-quality accessories (such as magnetic nameplates and coloured strips) included in the price. They are ideal for boardroom-style meetings and high prestige offices, but simpler and cheaper planners can do the same job for businesses on a budget.

Paperstone offer a full range of wall planners, year calendars, week diaries and visual planning tools. Take a look at our range.



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