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Toilet Roll The Object of Choice for Discerning Office Thieves

By Paperstone on April 23, 2009 in Health & Safety, Janitorial, Office Workers

A poll of British workers conducted by the the confidential data destruction company, Shred Easy, has found that, not pens or notepads but toilet rolls are the most stolen product from the workplace. Tea bags and copier Paper are also popular with office scavengers. More seriously, so are USB sticks.

Jim Watson, Managing Director of Shred Easy, said, “Many of these items seem trivial but it just goes to show that office workers are tempted. The worrying thing for bosses is that memory sticks and Paperwork can contain confidential data and databases that could cost companies millions of pounds.

“Companies feeling the pinch in the recession will do well to tighten up their internal security systems. Pinching a toliet roll to take home doesn’t seem like much but as a nation we get through 83 million rolls per day so it can soon add up.”

Here’s the top ten stolen workplace items in full:

  1. Toilet roll
  2. Tea bags
  3. Photocopying Paper
  4. USB memory sticks
  5. Postage stamps
  6. Notepads
  7. Pens
  8. Cash
  9. Disks
  10. Old computers


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A separate Shred Easy study recently found that Britons are keeping hold of confidential information for far longer than they need to. People keep an average of ten years worth of bank statements, some as much as 25 years worth of bank statements and financial documents, according to the survey. This is mostly down to the fact that people don’t know how long to keep old information.

“Most people don’t know how long they should keep documents for tax purposes so they are hanging on to them forever,” says Managing Director Watson. “This creates a problem because it means this data is more likely to get stolen or a small amount stolen will never be noticed. People are fearful that the authorities will need the details or that they will fall into the wrong hands if they aren’t destroyed properly.”


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