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Six simple steps to cut office supply costs

By Paperstone on March 22, 2007 in Office Supplies

Recycling and collecting pens and pencils from seminars are just two of the key ways to cut the cost of office supplies, according to an American firm.

Los Angeles-based AAM Office Supply has detailed six effective ways that businesses can cut the cost of office supplies for their firm.

This includes taking an inventory of all the stock that is currently in the office and organising it so it can be quickly and easily found by employees.

Offices will then save themselves the expense of ordering office supplies unnecessarily, according to Syahrul Azlan Idris, co-founder of the office supply retailer.

Moreover, businesses can recycle many of the folders, binders and notepads that are lying around the office unused.

Mr Idris also notes that the hundreds of exhibitions and corporate events that companies attend can be a goldmine for pens, pencils, sharpners, erasers and other goodies that can useful in the office.

But if you’re not heading to any exhibitions before you need to stock up on office supplies, Mr Idris recommends using the internet to find the best price.

Office supply retailers, such as Paperstone, readily display their prices and delivery arrangements, making picking up the best deal on office supplies simple and easy.

At Paperstone, we stock a huge selection of office supplies for your firm.


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