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Japanese robot has office potential

By Paperstone on March 22, 2007 in Office Supplies

Japanese inventors have unveiled their latest crazy invention – a walking, talking tissue dispenser.

With the onset of summer and the increase in the number of sniffles and runny noses resulting from hayfever, Mospeng-kun could be a blessing in disguise for offices looking to keep the number of employees running to the toilet to blow their nose to a minimum.

Designed to have a human-esque appearance, Mospeng-kun glides around and talks to those who it bumps in to and at the same time, the clever robot reaches into its ‘pocket’ and offers workers and people on the street a tissue.

The online technology community is split as to the usefulness of such an invention, but there could be a range of other applications for the robot.

It could become an automated office pal, delivering files and folders around the workplace, or it could be used to fetch and deliver tea and coffee.

Furthermore, it could be used to dispense pens to all those people who are scrabbling around their desk for something to use to write down an all important phone message.

These ideas are all conjecture at the moment, but the possibility to use the robot for a range of applications is sure to excite the robotics community.

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