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Burst a bubble in honour of office supply’s birthday

By Paperstone on March 21, 2007 in Office Supplies

Bubble wrap, one of the most well-known office supplies, is celebrating its 50th birthday this year.

After being invented by accident by American scientists looking to create textured wallPaper, it has become a firm favourite with office workers looking to relieve some stress.

Popping the bubbles has even become so popular that it has spawned an online website allowing workers to pop bubble wrap from the comfort of their desks.

Of course, it is used in packaging and to protect valuable objects but its best use has undoubtedly been as a pleasurable popping pastime for bored or anxious workers.

Lisa Bond, from a leading high street office supplies retailer, said: "It’s incredible to think bubble wrap has been around for 50 years, especially as it was an unintended invention.

"Not only has it taken the packaging world by storm, but households and offices around the country readily use the air-filled sheets as a fun way to let off steam."

Moreover, there is still a debate over the best method for bursting the bubbles, with some claiming carefully popping individual pockets is the most satisfying way and others preferring to scrunch huge handfuls in their fist in one go.

There are even those that proclaim wrapping yourself in the packaging material and rolling around to get the most out of bubble wrap.

At Paperstone, we stock a range of packaging materials, including bubble wrap and shrink wrap.


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