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Shredders a must for any office

By Paperstone on July 10, 2007 in Office Furniture, Shredders & Supplies

With more and more criminals out there trying an increasing number of techniques to gain access to people’s personal information, it seems Paper shredders have become a must for any office.

Identity fraud in the UK is rising and H and L Office Furniture has moved to highlight the importance of having Paper shredders in offices where sensitive information is held, reports.

The office furniture group suggests that Paper shredders come in "a variety of shapes and sizes" and office staff should choose the right one for their needs.

Because of this, the office furniture firm says people need to consider the size of the workload the Paper shredder will need to undertake.

"If you have a small office that does not need too much shredding work, you may be able to get by with a simple personal Paper shredder," the office furniture store suggests.

The group also urges people to consider whether they need a strip-cut or cross-cut Paper shredder, with cross-cut Paper shredders regarded as the safer option.

"A Paper shredder is an easy way to make it harder for an identity thief to get hold of the sensitive information that could allow them to take advantage of your clients," H and L concludes.

At Paperstone we can supply your firm with a wide selection of Paper shredders.


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