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Slow office computers harming productivity

By Paperstone on July 10, 2007 in Office Supplies

Sluggish computers are harming productivity in offices all over the world, research by an office supplies company shows.

The office supplies firm’s study has revealed that most office workers spend up to five minutes each day waiting for their computers to start up.

"Multiply that lost time by the number of business days in a year and you’re looking at upwards of two full work days spent waiting for the computer to finish booting up," said Rick Atkinson, director of merchandising for technology at the office supplies outfit.

"That’s valuable time that could be spent in much more productive ways, not to mention the frustration factor that goes with it."

Half of the people questioned in the Angus-Reid Strategies poll said they would wait anywhere between one and five minutes each day for their PC to start.

Another 40 per cent said they waited up to half-an-hour for files to be downloaded, while another quarter said they spent hours waiting.

"Today people expect a lot from their computers," added the office supplies store director.

"The biggest obstacle to computer speed is not having enough processing capability to handle today’s leading edge software applications and that is what leads to a sluggish computing experience."

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