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Veneer office desks more “affordable and durable” than ever before

By Paperstone on July 9, 2007 in Office Furniture

Veneer office desks and tables have long been associated with unflattering images of low quality wood breaking up and are often seen as a cheap office furniture alternative.

However, H and L Office Furniture has recently suggested that veneer has changed and is now more "affordable and durable" than ever before, reports.

The firm explains how veneering involves dressing up a base piece of office furniture with smaller and more decorative pieces of wood.

Often, an expensive piece of wood will be stripped into thin layers and used to decorate a piece office furniture made from lesser quality wood.

These cheaper veneer products would regularly turn out to be inferior, but H and L now suggests potential buyers of such office furniture products can take steps to ensure they find better offerings.

H and L suggests doing some research before buying and avoiding office supplies firms or manufacturers who have had complaints about their office furniture on websites and blogs.

The company also advised buyers to make sure the office furniture is made out of a strong base wood and closely examine the product they are buying.

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