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Work Life Balance Week 2017: Top tips for employers

By Paperstone on September 25, 2017 in Health & Wellbeing, Office & Personal Planning, Office Life, Office Workers

National Work Life Week 2017

Following on from our last post we bring you some tips…

It’s possible to adopt family-friendly working practices without sacrificing productivity or financial efficiency. Happier employees are better motivated, and less likely to experience health problems or burnout.

So here are some top tips for bosses who would like encourage a better work-life balance for their workforce:

  • Focus on outcomes rather than the number of hours worked when assessing performance at work.
  • Consider whether it’s strictly necessary for employees to work on site for eight hours every day, five days a week. It might be possible for people to work from home for a portion of the working week, or attend meetings remotely using video conferencing technology.
  • Encourage staff to take regular lunch and screen breaks- it’s a tactic which increases productivity and reduces the need to take work home
  • Examine the image which is presented by top management. Do they set an example of work-life balance? Usually working culture originates from the highest levels of an organisation.
  • Have a reasonable expectation of employees and restrict the number of hours you expect them to work in a week
  • Consider organising some services to help employees run their lives. For example, set up a laundry and dry cleaning service, on-site gym or fitness classes, or a concierge service that caters for miscellaneous needs

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