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Which of these personalities can you spot in your office?

By Paperstone on September 21, 2017 in Office Life, Office Workers

open plan officeHow many dysfunctional personalities do you have in your office?

Here are a few common neurotic types frequently found in the workplace:

  • The office whiner is often unhappy and is always complaining and making generally negative statements. Try to find out what the specific, genuine problems are and help them solve their work-related issues.
  • The office martyr acts as if he or she is the only one doing any work in the whole place. They perceive that their work ethic is vastly superior to everyone else’s and think that the place would crumble without them. They may take work home or work long hours. They need to embrace an appropriate work-life balance. Encourage them to go out and have fun.
  • The office therapist believes she has the answer to everyone’s problems, asks a lot of personal questions and talks psycho-babble. She sometimes has to be reminded that she’s not qualified to carry out psycho-analysis.
  • The office think-they-know-it-all usually talks a lot, exaggerates and brags. Expose the holes in their arguments by asking probing questions to reveal that they don’t know what they’re talking about.
  • The office downer loves refusing suggestions and disagreeing with people. When they start making forceful negative statements try agreeing with them and then making even more extreme statements yourself. They will be forced to embrace the positive in order to disagree with you.



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