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Feeling sleepy in the office on hump day?

By Paperstone on November 2, 2017 in Office Life, Office Workers

Sleeping dog

It’s amazing the lengths some people will go to, to outwit their employer.

Some workers will even take a nap in the company’s time and then blog about how to do it.

Google ‘how to have a nap at work’ and you’ll find the following crazy suggestions:

  • Wear an inflatable clip-on necktie which doubles up as an incredibly narrow pillow (yes, these are available on the Internet!). Find a private office, remove your tie, and use it as a head-rest while you have a short power nap.
  • Sit under your desk and have a brief nap. If anyone comes in, you will wake up and you can act as if you’ve dropped a contact lens on the floor.
  • Pretend you have an emergency at home, drive around the corner, and take a quick nap in your car (this only works for the desperate and unscrupulous!)
  • Try dozing at your desk with your back to the door, your chin supported on your hand.
  • And the best suggestion, by far… install an approved self-contained sleep capsule for you and your colleagues. This is a semi-serious suggestion, although very few employers will go that far in looking after their workforce. The CalmSpace is a pod with its own bed, lighting system, audio system and closed off area. A bright blue light will wake you up after a short nap of 10 or 20 minutes! A good idea for working mums, maybe?

If you were thinking of taking a nap at work, be careful, the Sleep Police might catch you in the act. Better watch this warning from the Sleep Council before you doze off.



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